Join Complete Host

Working with Complete Host will not only save you time and hassle but it will give you peace of mind that your investment is providing the maximum returns possible. We specialise in all aspects of managing the short and long term letting of your property and work with established and new landlords who are looking for more out of their rentl properties.

We seek properties that match our brand in high demand central locations in inner Melbourne. Upon approval of your property we will visit your home to ensure that it meets our hospitality standards.


Furnishing and styling:

Should your property be unfurnished, we can assist you to get your property market ready by providing advice on furnishings and styling, or we can contract our services to you and look after the whole process.

Advertise and Market:

We market your property across our preferred channels to give it the exposure necessary to not only attract more bookings, but bookings from the right guests.

Vetting and Security:

We have been in the industry for over 5 years and have pretty much seen all there is to see from a security perspective. We are always evolving our security processes to keep ahead of any undesirable guests and ensure they don't end up in your property.

Key exchange, induction and guest communication:

Once we have received bookings, we take care of all guest communication leading up to and throughout their stay, the key exchange and property induction.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Our cleaning and maintenance arm take care of all exit cleans and provide our maintenance team a detailed list of any issues that require attention. If instructed by you, we can go ahead and take care of all maintenance items either in house or through our list of contractors for larger jobs.

Monthly report:

At the end of each month you will be provided an income report detailing each booking you have received and the income these bookings generated.


Model 1 - Secure returns:

In our Secure Returns model, we offer to manage your property without charging any commission. In addition we also offer you a 5% increase on market rent.

Let’s say your property would normally receive $500 per week in a traditional leasing model - normally agent commissions and fees add up to about 10% (this includes management commissions, leasing fees and processing/paperwork fees). So you would end up with approximately $450 a week in your pocket. In our secure returns model, your weekly rental is increased to $525 a week with no commissions or other fees deducted. In this example you are $325 per month or 17% better off. Your rental return is guaranteed so you can feel comfortable that you have no risk associated with your investment but vastly improved rental returns.

Model 2 - Shared Success

In our Shared Success model, we take a 20% commission on gross revenue achieved on your investment property and pass on the cleaning fee to you as the owner.

We will use the same example as above. For a typical $500 per week apartment in inner Melbourne, we average $4,000 gross revenue per month. Within this gross figure, there is an average of 6 cleans at $100 that needs to be deducted. So after our commission and cleaning fees you end up with $2,700 in your pocket - $534 per month or 25% better off than had you rented you property through a traditional model.

As you can see in this example, there can be a greater upside in returns, but this cannot be guaranteed.

For a more accurate assessment of what we believe we can achieve for you and which model may be more suitable, we will need to come and take a look at your property. Please contact us for more information.